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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Short recap
For the benefit of new readers, I will recap the story so far.

I started out a touch over a year ago to read the Qur'an in the hope I would gain some insight into the minds of the nutjobs. I wanted to keep an open mind and kept that up until this post and this post. The murders of the Hatuel family made a lasting impression, one that colors everything I will do, read and say on this topic as well as in everyday life. I cannot express the depth of emotion this event has for me. Those posts tells you everything you need to know about how I view the whole subject.

A whole lot of the story is contained in the 2 posts on Misconceptions About Islam (post 1 post 2).

I am reading again after a post-election break and have not run into anything I deem "post-worthy". The Suras are rather small at this stage (they are arranged longest to shortest) and don't have much to say that has not been said before.

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