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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
I started this project with the best of intentions. I intended to read and interpret without outside forces shaping my views. As you look back at past posts, many will see that I have drifted somewhat toward the position that Islam is the "religion of pieces". I felt it as it was happening and made deliberate attempts to change my course and travel down the neutral path

Then there was Meirav. The brutal slayings of the Hatuel family brought me to the brink of hopelessness and mindless anger. I still carry the horror of this senseless act with me. It has fundamentally changed the way I think about Israel and Islam. Two year olds are NOT legitimate targets under ANY circumstances.

I have tried to continue, to press on, but I am filled with rage every time I pick up my copy of the Qur'an. I know, deep down, that I will never have the objectivity of innocence while working on this project because somewhere in this book cowardly assholes found the "wisdom" to kill Meirav, her sisters, her mother and her unborn brother.

Now there is another outrage. An act that sickens me to the bone, an act that could only be carried out by godless barbarians. Charles Johnson describes Nick Berg's beheading on LGF. The description alone made me physically ill. I will not even attempt to watch the video.

Previous acts of terror did not affect me as much as these two. I don't really know the reasons why, maybe they seemed part of the war or maybe I didn't identify personally with the victims. Maybe it took the death of a child the same age as my own daughter and the beheading of someone that could have been me (professionally) to point out the horrors of Islamic Fundamentalism.

I do not see how I can ever be objective again. I can never be silent and allow these bastards to operate unchallenged for fear of upsetting the "PC Police". If these assholes were looking to change minds, they have succeeded. I have gone from someone that was willing to listen and give their teachings a fair hearing to someone that will support any means necessary to rid the world of their kind.

My current plan is to put aside the Qur'an for a while and see where God takes me. Maybe I will pick it up again, maybe I will put it away and never look at it again. One thing is for certain; I will be active in the support of the war and will be calling for its escalation.

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