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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Meirav was two redux
The Russian terror attack on a school painfully reminds me of the murder of the Hatuel family and this haunting post by Meryl Yourish.

Here is one of the news articles with the details
After riddling the car with gunfire on a road leading to Israel, the two terrorists then ran up to the vehicle and coldbloodedly pumped bullets into each of their victims' heads to make sure they had finished the job, Israeli police said.

One of the gunmen also shot the swollen belly of the eight-months-pregnant mom at point-blank range.

The jihad establishment never denounced this attack on "legitimate targets", in fact they called the murderers "heroic martyrs".

All while Thousands mourned.

(Thanks again to Meryl Yourish)

This also ties into the protests at the RNC in New York. How can these kaffiyeh wearing, "Free Free Palastine" chanting protesters live with themselves? I could not sleep at night just reading the accounts of the Hatuel family murders, how do these useful idiots sleep while reveling in deaths of others?

UPDATE: I cannot forget this event, I refuse to let it go. Here's why

I have a daughter that was born within a few months of Meriav, so it really hits me where I live. My wife had a severe car accident (shortly after the murders) with our daughter in her car seat. The drive to the hospital after that phone call was filled with he same feelings that reading the story brought up. It kills me even today to think about it.

This is why I MUST continue with my efforts to educate the world about the evil that is Islamic extremism. If one 2 year old makes it to adulthood because of something I have written or said in a comment or in person, all of this emotional pain will have been worth it.

UPDATE II: Everyone came through the accident fine. Car crash technology is worderful! Thanks for the concern.

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