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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Someone (link removed by request) in the "tolerance" brigade takes me to task for using the term "nutjob" in reference to UBL and his murderous gang of assholes.

It surprises me to find out that I am "ignorant". I am sure glad to have these "good friends" and "patriots" on the left around to help me get my priorities in order.

On a more serious note, life intrudes again here at "nutjob central". I have been very busy/distracted again. I have been getting lots of very interesting email since Matthew Good linked me. It is always nice to hear from people that have differing views when they are nice and refrain from name calling and worse.

If you were having an email conversation with me and I dropped out unexpectedly, please understand that life is bad right now and I have other isses to deal with. Please write again if you have questions or comments and I will try to catch up.

Thanks for understanding

UPDATE: The author of the referenced post has deleted it and apologised. A very nice and classy thing to do. Please disregard previous snark, thanks.

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