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Monday, November 01, 2004
A Last Minute Plea to Libertarians
(Cross Posted from LGFWW)

When asked, I will tell anyone that asks that I am a Libertarian. The Libertarian view of government, taxes, Social Security, personal freedoms are spot on. Government should be limited in size and scope. The Income Tax is unfair and counter-productive. On many, many issues I am with the party. On very few I am against or conflicted. Abortion is one of these, I don’t want the government as an ally in the fight to stop abortions and protect life. Another is the Global War on Terror. I desperately believe that the future of the country is best served by Libertarian ideals. I have voted twice for Libertarian Presidential candidates (both times it was Harry Browne).

Now that there is no doubt of my Libertarian bona fides, I want to persuade my Libertarian brothers and sisters to forsake Michael Badnarik and vote for President Bush. On size and scope of government, Bush is wrong. On taxes, Bush is wrong. On personal freedoms, Bush is wrong. On Second Amendment issues, Bush is wrong. If he is wrong on all these issues, why would I ask you to vote for him?

First and foremost, Sen. Kerry (D-France) is worse on all of these issues. His Senate record shows him a fan of tax increases, massive government program (Government Health Insurance anyone?), and gun control. Add the fact that despite his recent pandering he voted for the Patriot Act. Sen. Kerry and his party are drifting, some say speeding, to the left. The left might appeal to some Libertarians but it shouldn't, for down that path lies totalitarianism and that is not the Libertarian dream. Your vote really matters no mater where you live. Imagine if even half of the 2000 Flordia Nader voters would have cast their ballots for Mr. Gore? As Bill Murray would say (paraphrasing) "Real wrath of God type stuff! Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! ... Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria".

The Libertarian Party actually thinks that their impact on the Bush vote is something to be proud of, even if it serves to put in a bigger enemy of freedom and Libertarian Ideals in office. Is 4 years of higher taxes, less freedom, weaker security and more terror worth your protest vote? If you think that the party is not targeting Bush voters, think again.

Finally, the most important reason. On the war and terrorism Bush is right, Kerry is wrong and Badnarik is dead wrong. This is the only thing that matters in this election year. The Libertarian plan is to withdraw from Iraq immediately. As hard as it is to fathom, this is a more extreme position than Ralph Nader. The Kerry plan to set a date certain, 6 months, to withdraw would make the Vietnam analogy complete. Right down to the final helicopter scene leaving the embassy. Nothing would be more damaging to the future security of the United States than the Kerry/Nader plans except the Badnarik/Libertarian plan.

No matter what happens tomorrow, Michael Badnarik will not be the President-Elect. Even if it were possible, it would not be a positive for the future of our country or Western Civilization. This election is a referendum on Western Civilization, should it continue to flourish or should we give the Islamic nutjobs a fighting chance to take it down. A vote for Kerry will send a message to Osama and his whackjobs that we are ripe for more terror and willing to give in. A vote for Badnarik is essentially a vote for Kerry. A vote for Bush just might keep them in their holes for another 4 years when we will have this discussion again.

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