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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
For the love of God, END IT
Ohio is over, what part of "over" don't you understand? The "o" or the "ver"?

Andy McCarthy:
MSNBC reported this morning that, for the small amount of time they have been in use (so data may not be the most reliable) legitimacy rate of provisional votes in Ohio is about 90%. If that holds up, there would be about 139,000. Statistically inconceivable that Kerry could overcome Bush's lead since he'd basically need 100%. But is it enough for the Dems to justify to themselves dragging this out? I'm afraid it probably is because the MSM will not kill them over it.

All this "reconciliation" stuff is nonsense. These guys run one of the dirtiest campaigns ever, and we're just supposed to wrap our arms around this fraud of a president? Gimme a break. The Dems need to grow a backbone for once, and fight the way those monsters do.

Add me to the The Blogging Machine that Dan Rather says will provide the drumbeat for a Kerry concession.

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