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Saturday, October 23, 2004
Volume, Volume, Volume
The Daily Recycler has video of partisan political hack Lawrence O'Donnell, who has a day job of "Reporter", using a favorite tactic of the Loony Left on Switfie John O'Neil. Instead of reasoned debate of the facts, he screams "Liar" and doesn't allow Mr. O'Neil a word in without shouting him down.

You are not fit to publish...Creepy Liar!

Mr. O'Donnell certainly has proven he has a good pair of lungs

Such is the state of political discourse in these "United" States... Maybe John Stuart has a point about these political talk shows.

(BTW: it is a long download and doesn't stream too well from here, but well worth the time to fool with it.)

My take on the Swifties? They are spent. Mr. O'Neil has done a great job of bringing their message to an unwilling media for a very long time. The stuff about Sen. Kerry's (D -France) actions after the war are much more important than his medals or his gaming the system to get home fast. For me, the medal stuff has the same weight as the Bush AWOL claims. The military records show that the medals are real, just as they show that President Bush was not AWOL and was honorably discharged. Both are non-starters with me.

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