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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Veep Debate
The debate was won by Vice President Cheney and by a large margin. I doubt anyone's vote changes as a direct result, but Mr. Cheney's performance completely erases any gains by the Senator from France's win last week. At times Sen. Edwards (D-Bunnies) was out of his league and failed to show the skills at litigation that earned him enough money to buy a Senate seat (money from your pockets BTW). He had nothing new to say, while Mr. Cheney effectively (although dryly) re-inserted a number of attack points that the Kerry/Edwards camp has no counter.

Every time Senator Kerry's voting record is mentioned is a plus for the Bush Campaign. Every time Halliburton is mentioned, it adds to the support of people that would vote for Sen. Kerry anyway and alienates the undecided voters. Every time Kerry/Edwards repeats already debunked claims about Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran, the worse they look.

I love it when the full debunk of the talking points is already done before the debate starts.

Bottom line: Kerry's Senate record is fully in play and the Dems are out of ammo on foreign policy.

Post debate discussion's best line goes to Brit Hume:
"The grumpy and mean caucus needs a representative"

UPDATE: Spoons has lost his mind, IMHO.

UPDATE II: Allah links from the "linkfest of love". Many thanks, O Creator of Worlds!

UPDATE III: Did someone say "Halliburton"?

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