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Monday, October 11, 2004
Swing State
I am just getting back home. I spent some of last week until tonight in a midwestern swing state and it is sure more interesting than the area where I live. There were signs everywhere you looked for all candidates; I even saw some Libertarian and Green Party signs.

One discussion I had with some locals was very interesting. As a group, these folks were leaning toward Sen Kerry (D-France) because of the promise he made to the camera during the debate not to raise taxes on anyone making under $200,000/year. One gentleman said that he wanted to "get the rich" and another agreed saying that President Bush's tax cut was unfair because of the distribution (parroting Sen.Kerry's/Democrats' party line). I saw that I would not be able to make an argument based on the line of reason used by The President (Taxes hurt job creation etc), so I countered with a simple question. "If I gave you a gun and pointed out a rich man, would you rob him?" The answer was "no, of course not", so I asked them why would they send Sen. Kerry to do their dirty work? There was a number of puzzled looks and then realization...

Simple but effective. Next time you are confronted with the "Tax the Rich" meme, try this simple approach.

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