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Sunday, October 17, 2004
There have been a number of reaction to my post Misconceptions About Islam. Most follow the form of The Peoria Pundit, my response is below.

I may have been guilty of painting the whole of Islam with a broad brush in this post, but it is response to the tone of the original article. The original author claims the Islamic world is a wonderful place for women due to laws derived from the Qur’an. I don’t think anyone in the West, especially feminists, would think that pre-9/11 Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia were models for the women’s movement. Islam in the West is restrained by secular governments, just like they do Christianity. Nobody here wants to live in a Theocracy, be it dominated by Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or Christianity.

Nowhere do I claim the Christianity is any better. However, in the west, Christianity doesn’t write the laws, police the laws, enforce the laws and dole out the punishment. Nor does the justification for "male domination over females, not to mention polygamy, incest, child abuse, slavery and violent against homosexuals" hold less influence than in the West.

Your female Muslim friends might have a different demeanor if they were constantly monitored for "lewdness" (for which the punishment is imprisonment for life), were made to wear burkas in public and not allowed to leave their homes without a male family member as an escort.

I will, however, admit to the charge you make at the end of your post. I do think that Islam is the root of the problem. If it were not, we would have Islamic allies that sole aim was to reclaim their religion from the extremists that have stolen it from them. Where are these "moderate, modern" Muslims that don’t want to be associated with OBL? They should be beating down out doors...


Read some of the statements and sermons of the highest placed leaders of Islam and explain to me how the religion itself, as currently practiced, is not the problem.

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