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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
OK, regular readers of TQP have seen me rant about my former church (The Presbyterian Church USA) being anti-Israel and not having the sense God gave a horse's ass, but now they have gone Completely Freakin' Nuts!
The 24-member delegation traveled to Lebanon on Sunday and met with the south Lebanon commander of Hezbollah

For the love of God, what are these asshats thinking? Meeting with Hezbollah? The same Hezbollah that blows up children for the offense of riding the bus or getting a slice of pizza? The same Hezbollah that promotes Michael Moore's fraud that kills? The same Hezbollah that we should be fighting just as hard as we are fighting the terrorists in Iraq?

What would Jesus do? I am pretty sure he wouldn't be meeting with Hezbollah.

(Hat tip Israpundit via Spoons)

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