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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Osama Speaks
(Note: Cross post from LGFWW)

As I watch snippets of Osama's video, carefully edited by partisan news organizations, I came to an interesting theory on what this video and the video of "Assam the American" mean and what al Qaeda are trying to do. I think that Osama and al Qaeda really are trying to help re-elect President Bush.

OK, OK, I know that may not sound like the Qur'an Pundit you know and love, more like some left-wing/Michael Moore whack-o, but Stay with me here.

Try to understand the thought process of an Islamic terrorist. Osama is completely convinced that Allah will bring him total victory over the crusader President and the Zionist alliance of Americans and the sons of pigs and monkeys. Nothing can stop the will of Allah and nothing will make a difference to Allah in this task. Bringing this victory to Allah cannot be made harder for Allah, nor easier. Given this, Osama is free to pursue his own goals without a conflict with his submission to the will of Allah.

We all know that Osama really hates The President and, for selfish reasons, wants Allah's certain victory to come while Mr. Bush is in office. A Kerry victory, in his mind (and I agree), would make the will of Allah less of a burden on the membership of al Qaeda (certainly not on Allah), thereby reducing the personal glory that is his due. A Bush victory would be just the ticket for his plans. Americans would still be well within his reach in the Middle East and the fighting would continue, this helps him recruit and builds his stature on "the street". His fame and honor for fighting the Crusaders and Jews will be much greater with a Bush victory on Tuesday.

In order to affect his desired result (again a Bush victory), he adopts the language of Michael Moore in order to inflame the Bush base and turn out the vote. He basically uses this language and themes to appear to pound The President, which gains him support on "the street", all while helping Mr. Bush’s campaign.

Looking for translations of the video and other resources? Zombie has done the legwork (This post has more).

Belmont club has the full text of Osama bin Laden’s video speech. Wretchard thinks this is an offer of truce, I think it is a Bush campaign commercial.

UPDATE: We are winning, according to Osama on the unaired parts of the tape.

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