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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Ollie, thy name is...
Hypocrisy. Without a shred of shame...

Today Ollie is miffed over a documentary that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group has scheduled to air. He has his (considerable) undies in a bunch because this "documentary" is not very flattering to Sen. Kerry (D-France).
"Stolen Honor" focuses on Kerry's antiwar testimony to Congress in 1971 and its effect on American POWs in Vietnam. Kerry testified that U.S. forces routinely committed atrocities in Vietnam. The film, produced independently of Sinclair, includes interviews with former POWs who say their Vietnamese captors used Kerry's comments to undercut prisoner morale.
By the links present in the piece, he is advocating that it is a payback for some defense contracts and that his readers should join a boycott of advertisers. Yet, on two different posts he has advertising for Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 (Here and here).

Surely, there is a condemnation of the plan to bring Mr. Moore's "film" to Pay-per-view on the night before the election on the way... Any Minute Now... and stop calling me Shirley.

In another post, Ollie actually calls someone (other than himself) a Partisan Hack! Pot...Kettle...[whoops can't say that!] Holy Hypocrisy Batman!

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