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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Today, with less than a week to go before the election, is the day that the prestigious "Qur'an Project" endorsement is unveiled. In a shocker, the endorsement for President of the United States is ... George W. Bush.

Below is a short summary of the issues on which this endorsement is based.

The War on Terror

President Bush is the only candidate on the ballot that does not have a timetable for the pullout of troops currently in Iraq. Senator John Kerry (D-France) has tried very hard to convince the voters that he will be tough on terrorists, but his record does not back up his newfound tough talk.

The War on Terror

President Bush's willingness to actually put action to the tough talk of preemption instead of waiting until we are attacked and responding (ala Sen. Kerry's stated position) is key to winning this war.

Diplomacy and War

President Bush has shown the backbone to stand up to the French and the UN, and when the time came he acted, without a French permission slip, in the best interest of the people of the United States. Sen. Kerry has a long history of placing the interests and security of the people to the United Nations. I want my President to think more of my interests than the interests of the UN.


President Bush cut taxes and is fighting to make the cuts permanent. Sen. Kerry wants to raise taxes, but only on people that would otherwise invest the money in new jobs and economic activity. We need a new tax system that does not create disincentives for success.

Health Insurance

Sen. Kerry’s "plan" for providing insurance to basically everyone on the government's dime is the scariest part of his domestic policy. Even the threat caused by the huge across the board tax increases that would be required by the other promises he has made pale in comparison to the damage to the health, safety and security of the nation that the threat of socialized medicine would bring.

BTW: "Health Care" is NOT the same as "Health Insurance", dammit!

The War on Terror

Sen. Kerry shows a basic lack of knowledge (or is willfully distorting) the events of Tora Bora. Every time he mentions Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan or Tora Bora drives me further into the Bush camp. If he cannot understand basic logistics, he is not fit for command in a time of war.

So, my legion of armed voters, get out there and pull the lever for President Bush next Tuesday!

UPDATE: Did I mention that President Bush would be a better President to run the War on Terror? If not, it was a small oversight.

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