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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Are you sure you want to say that?
From a very interesting MEMRI Translation:
The former Dean of the Faculty of Religious Fundamentals at Al-Azhar, Dr. Abd Al-Mu'ti Bayyoumi, explained: "Islamic law states that it is forbidden to kill civilians who are distant from the area of fighting, who are not participating in military operations, and who have nothing to do with the occupation of lands. However, civilians who take part in military operations, whether it be supplying food or giving medical treatment to the fighters, their legal status is that of fighters who are attacking land, honor, and property, and therefore there is no prohibition in Islam against killing them."

A lecturer at Al-Azhar University, Dr. Salih Zaydan, added: "Whoever cooperates with the fighters who attack the land of Muslims, like the American civilians who are aiding the military in Iraq, becomes through his actions a fighter himself. Muslims are permitted to fight against such people and to kill them so as to defend land, honor, and property, and thus there is no prohibition against killing them."

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Here is a really big opportunity for the mythical "moderate Muslims" to stand up and cry out that this is wrong. The "peaceful Muslims" have the most to lose from statements like this because current actions are directed against the terrorists and not Islam as a whole. Statements like this make it plain that anyone seen as helping either side is fair game.

"Moderates", do you really want your leaders to declare civilians as open targets?

(Hat Tip: Allah)

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