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Monday, September 13, 2004
Time for Compare and Contrast
Let's compare what TQP's favorite punching bag has to say about Iraq: The Mess In Iraq | Oliver Willis with what the MSM is ignoring to make a point.

Go ahead, read both... I'll wait... (Jeopardy Theme) ... Back? OK...

Ollie would make us think that Iraq is a place where nothing good happens, where the people hate the US and where US Servicemembers commit unspeakable horrors against the people of Iraq. He masks his distain for the military with the cloak of caring for the servicemembers there. Make no mistake he linked to the MSNBC/newsweek article to confirm its point, namely to try and use the 1007 deaths as an argument for the election of John Kerry.

Here at TQP, I honor our fallen and thank the rest of the military for their service. Not because I have a political agenda (I do), but because I really do feel gratitude toward them for making me, my family and the world safer.

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