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Thursday, September 16, 2004
Screwball Polls
Just got done watching "Screwball" with Chris Matthews. I know I should just turn off MSNBC after Scarborough Country, but I was soooooo comfy on the sofa...

Anyway, our buddy Chris was talking up two polls that show the race within the margin of error. I thought a bit of Googling was in order because I suspected he might be cherrypicking...Guess what? I was right.

NRO's Kerry Spot mentions one of the Screwball polls and discusses some "irrgularities". They also mention the Gallup Poll that shows Bush up by 14 points.

Chris' own network (MSNBC) has this to say about the race. Hint: It is not pretty for Sen Kerry (D - France).

Is anyone in the MSM paying attention to what they are putting out?

Update: The Rasmussen Poll shows a small lead for Bush with an upward trend.

Update II: Jeff ask Sen Byrd (D - Bizzaro World) about the polls.

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