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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Russia Roundup
Captain Ed has a wonderful post on the Islamist terror attacks in Russia. Allah has more and doesn't seem to like President Putin very much (I think it was something he said...)

I have not written to much about this. My loyal reader will recall that these kinds of things really hit home with me because of my 2 year-old daughter. There are times when it is best for my health to just look away and try to set aside some time to focus in on the news and digest it.

It always comes back to "could this happen here?". The frighting this is that it could. In fact, I believe it is much more likely that it will happen here if Sen. Kerry (D - France) were elected President of the United States.

There, I've said it... a vote for John Kerry is a vote for terrorist activity against our children.

More when I get the strength...

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