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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
OW Goodness
I really tried to stop, I mean REALLY TRIED, but I am drawn to the "Kryptonite"...

Yesterday, Ollie posts back to back two of the stupidest thoughts I have ever seen.

First up is Ollie denegrading two black Republicans. One that is a true whack job (Alan Keyes) the other is a fine human being (J.C. Watts). I can see Ollie not wanting to claim Alan Keys as a part of his "community", but J.C. Watts is a credit to any group that includes him. I would be proud to call him a friend if I could and I am happy to be on the same side on politics.

I guess you leave the "black community behind" when you register as a Republican. If true, it is that community's loss.

The other is a true puzzler. It seems that Ollie is miffed at CNN for having the people that covered RaTHerGate from the beginning and not Ollie himself. He has yet to make any reasonable comment on the story and yet he is wondering why they didn't invite him instead of Glenn Renyolds. This somehow proves that CNN is (giggle) biased toward the Right.

UPDATE: INDC is much harder on kool-aid than I was, good for you Bill!

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