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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Ollie introduces me to a new friend
As I have publicly stated, I believe that the terrorist win if Sen. Kerry (D - France) is elected POTUS. This is not an unusualy position and it seems to be gaining strength as time passes without the Kerry campaign giving any reason to doubt it.

It seems Ollie got wind of this breaking news and wants to report it. He then lists the "costs" of the effort in order to prove that President Bush (R - Freedom Loving States everywhere) has bungled the war effort. Of course, he fails to mention that there are benefits as well. Such as:

24+ Million Freed in Iraq
28+ Million Freed in Afghanistan
75% of Osama's buddies captured or killed
No attacks on American Soil for over 3 years
A real chance to change the dynamic of the Middle East... Priceless

I have to thank Ollie, his rampant "Kryptonite" has provided me hours of fun and enjoyment and has led me to a number of interesting blogs. This post caused me to see miniluv. This blog tracked to this Ollie post and makes a very good argument for my position.
Was it really that hard, Oliver? You may believe that Kerry will worse for the terrorists because he will sprinkle magic fairy dust on Iraq and solve everything, but I believe that Bush will be worse for the terrorists, and I think the terrorists agree.


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