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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Oh, How Kryptonite...
Charles has updated this post with more Ollie Fun...

On looking at the post that CJ references, a few classic OW themes come out. First, he openly incites his readers to spam (now 2 different) email addresses. Not cool, way out of bounds even for Ollie. He is getting into "Kathryn Kramer" land here, and that is a place nobody wants to go (shiver).

Next he whines about being called a name (Smirky) then proceeds to call:
Charles a "Hate Monger" and "Psycho Chucky"
Hugh Hewitt "hack-esque"

Then he goes way off the rails in classic Ollie Style:
Professional hate-monger Charles Johnson is calling me names again. How cute. I suppose he had to remove his hood to get the words out.
In the comments:
If the hood fits, Charles wears it. And I value my comparitively less verbose commenters, even wingnuts like yourself and Dugger, over the firebreathing racists that inhabit Charles Johnson's world.
And the kicker:
FYI: I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, but I won't tolerate disgusting personal attacks or spreading hate sites. Comments and accounts that violate that will be removed. Go elsewhere for that.

Go elsewhere? Why? There's plenty of that on your site, just on this post...

In Ollie's world, anyone who disagrees with him is a racist. Since Charles disagrees with him so very much, he must be a klansman.

I would parody this, but he does such a fine job of self-parody. Keep shoveling the Kryptonite!

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