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Friday, September 17, 2004
Kerry Supporter assaults a 3 year old
A thug (that no party should want any part of) tore a Bush supporter's sign up after ripping it from the hands of a 3-year-old. The first place I saw the story was on LGF, but I later saw it on Drudge. The union shirt-wearing thug is caught in the act on film.

Going to a Kerry rally with a Bush sign isn't really all that smart, bringing your 3-year-old is downright dumb. That being said, there still is no reason for this kind of behavior. The union has apologized, which is nice, but doesn't really help the little girl. Political rallies should be safe places to go and voice your opinions, even if they differ from the candidate. Or lefty friends say that they are inclusive and hate AG Ashcroft because he stifles descent, but show a little descent near one of their rallies and all hell breaks loose.

Now, guess who has made a comment on his blog? Here is a hint, the post links to a shoddy piece on Media Matters.

Your favorite and mine... Ollie "squeeze butter" Willis...

Does OW condemn the action? Is there a shred of decency in 'ol squeeze butter? Of course not you silly! He actually has some real brass balls, almost the size of Dan Rather. Get this, he actually opines that this action was OK because ... it happened numerous times before. OK, so the guy is a party crasher with really bad taste in parties, so that makes assault on a 3 year old girl justified? Just let that sink in a while...

My God...

Update: This makes Leftwatch think about Two Americas.

Update II: Sign Replaced.

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