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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck!
Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck!

Neal Boortz takes Sen. Kerry (D - France) to the woodshed over class warfare and delivers a first class sales pitch for the Fair Tax.
Acting as if he actually knew what was he was talking about (he didn’t), Kerry announced that the Fair Tax would amount to the largest increase in the tax burden on poor and middle income Americans in our history.

John Kerry was wrong. He was either speaking out of ignorance, or he was deliberately lying about the Fair Tax proposal in order to gain a political advantage. A politician lying in order to gain political advantage --- imagine that.

I have to say that even when I was a center-left kinda guy, I always saw the advantages of a retail sales tax over the income tax system. The Fair Tax is very close to the system I have always favored and even championed at various sites in the blogsphere.

This is a progressive tax. The current proposal is not as progressive as I would like. I would increase the rebates, which take more low income people off the tax roles and shift the burden higher, but that is just a quibble.

Two exceptional reasons to support this idea (Mr. Boortz didn't hit on):

1. It taxes the "black market". Drug Dealers, thieves and other criminals buy their expensive cars, bling-bling and other items at retail, thus paying the tax.

2. The IRS would cease to exist as we know it. No more would we file our returns with the fear of screwing up and ending up in jail. The Government would no longer have any reason to know how much you make or have a claim to some of the fruits of your hard work.

I have not heard any argument against this idea that didn't involve false claims that play on class warfare.

Write your Congressperson and Senators today and request their stance on HR25!

(Hat Tip to everyone's a pundit)

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