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Monday, September 06, 2004
How does this go again?
Let's see... It seems Ollie really liked the Instalanche so he decided to try again to get the attention from a father figure.

This time, he shows just how easily his liberal thought process is derailed. The title of the post refers to a divine being and tells someone to "Shut Up". So much for the unappealing Christians and freedom of speech. He goes on to defend a story about Bush 41 that has been shown to be made up, in the very post he is whining about. Then he points to A Yglesias rant about Glenn misunderstanding his nuanced view regarding concessions for the Chechen Islamist Terrorist nutjobs.

1. Glenn is right on this.
2. Matthew Yglesias is wrong, no matter how much he explains his nuanced view.
3. Ace is right about Ollie.

The left is unhinged and should be ignored.

Update: Jeff Goldstein joins the Ollie-bashing fun.

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