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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Everything you need to know about "Bush AWOL"
Everything you need to know about the phony AWOL meme that Ollie and his minders are pitching in their panic to deflect the Vietnam/Swiftie story away from their guy.

George Bush joined the Guard for a SIX-year term. If you are drafted, you only have to serve TWO years. Bush probably did not need to pull strings to get into a jet fighter unit. Jets required a greater time commitment than normal Guard postings. Pilots from the unit that he joined were being sent to Vietnam. All the publications that have researched this have concluded that there is NO evidence that he used any influence to get into the Guard. The liberal publications will say that there is no evidence, but it is still suspicious. That is a good journalistic standard?


In conclusion, there is no evidence Bush got special treatment to join the Guard. He did NOT miss any meetings, he was not assigned to the Alabama Guard.

Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Ollie is a complete moron.

UPDATE II: Jeff Goldstein has the last word on Ollie.

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