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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Eight Hostages Are Released in Iraq
Good news for Iraq. Some of the many hostages have been released.
Yahoo! News - Eight Hostages Are Released in Iraq

The reason the 2 Itialian women were there:
The two women — both 29-year-olds working on school and water projects for the aid agency "Un Ponte Per ..." ("A Bridge To...")

I doubt that these two went to Iraq to have a close encounter with jihadis, they went to help build projects that will bring clean water to the people.

Is there any doubt that the terrorists in Iraq are the real enemy of the Iraqi people?

UPDATE: It seems that there is bad news attached to this story. LGF reports that Italy broke down and paid a cool Million to the jihadis. I hope that the lives of those who are killed and kidnapped using that money are less valuable than these two women...

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