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Thursday, September 30, 2004
I was hopeful for a Presidential knockout punch tonight and I am disappointed. I think is was a draw. Sen. Kerry (D - France) played his very weak hand to the best outcome he could hope for, The President failed to beat the Senator with the giant stick that the Senator provided for him. I just about yelled myself out when, at 2 different times, The President failed to add "our enemies" to the list of people to whom you must be direct. At no point did he challenge him to spell out the "magic fairy dust" the Senator would use to make France love us.

The Llamas have a point here that I didn't get until reading it there.
Yet, within months, FDR decided to pursue a "Europe First" strategy which involved our putting the core of the United States Army into North Africa and then into Europe, on the other side of the planet from the perpetrators of the Pearl Harbor attack in Japan.

Why did he do this? Partly in response to the belief that Nazi Germany was developing a nuclear weapon.

UPDATE: What was the over/under on the mention of "Global Warming"? I can't believe it was 2, man I wish I had some of that action. Oh well, I am sure I would have lost it all on the over for mentions of Vietnam. I counted 5, I would have bet double digits.

UPDATE II: After seeing Allah's huge roundup of blog reactions, I thought I would clarify my position a bit. A draw does work to Kerry's favor because my expected Bush win would have ended the campaign Nixon 1972 style. Since the campaign continues, the draw favors Kerry. I saw no way in which Kerry could actually win this one, the cards he dealt himself were too weak.

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