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Thursday, September 09, 2004
CBS caught in a trap...
The ever-dependable LGF has the goods on the documents used to create a CBS hit piece.

LGF Commenter "Atlas Wannabe" says in the previous LGF post:
CBS will be exposed as having run with a story based on obviously faked memos. Their incontinence will be exposed - a bunch of yahoos who were supposed to be working but were instead surfing the web were able to determine the documents were faked. A bunch of yahoos who were working but should have been surfing the web weren't. Confidence in MSM drops a bit further...

Count me among the yahoos that were surfing the web instead of working...

Now, who do you think was a yahoo that should be surfing the web and doing something else when paid to follow up on this stuff (and bury it)?

You only get one guess and if you are wrong, you get "squeeze butter" duty for a month!

UPDATE: Ace has comments.

UPDATE II: INDC does the legwork that CBS should have done before airing.

UPDATE III: Power Line is all over this.

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