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Saturday, August 14, 2004
Troop Reductions
From QandO comes This Article about The President's plan to reduce troops in Europe.
They confirmed a report in the Financial Times of a total shift of at least 70,000 troops from overseas to home bases. The British newspaper, citing people briefed on the plan, said two-thirds of the reductions would be made in Europe, mostly in Germany.

It is about time the Germans started paying for the defense of their sorry pacifist hides. I am sure that the locals near the effected bases will be hurt, but they can thank their own government for keeping the US at arms length and actively opposing the WoT. It is better for our own people to have that economic stimulus right here in our own country.

The Bush administration will be very careful to say that the "cold war is over" and that we will "make up for it with weapons and technology", but make no mistake, this is about Terror and the lack of support from the German Government. I wholeheartedly agree.

This is one of the reasons I will be voting BUSH in 2004.

Now, if only we had some way to express our displeasure to the French...

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