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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
RoP's Busy day and 5th column update
The Jihadis have been very active today, they must be plum tuckered out with all the activity. In addition to the dual bus blast in Israel noted below, there are these example of Islamic nutjobs doing the work of Allah.

Yahoo! News - Iraqi Militants Kill 12 Nepali Hostages - Web Site
Moscow car blast kills at least 8
Jihadi found in Chicago has ties to Saddam

Fifth Column activities:

Inside the asshat plans
Of course, the Frenchies are included in the fifth column (Via Instapundit).
Dean Esmay:Old media softens the "protesters"
Via LGF:Indymedia's problems
Air Amerika's lack of class

UPDATE: From LGF:Palestinians Celebrate Mass Murder

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