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Monday, August 23, 2004
Perspective on 527 money
I have seen others comment on the data from Open Secrets but this is by far the best. Maybe because it uses the USA Today "graphics for morons" approach.

Sen. Kerry is crying about how the Swifties are big bullies and President Bush should "make them stop". Why haven't we heard this kind of whining from Mr. Bush? The Soros driven "Move On PAC" ran ads comparing him to Hitler and questioning his TANG service (which is not a centerpiece of his campaign ala Kerry and Vietnam).

The answer is that Mr. Bush has class, grace under fire and a thick skin regarding foolish attacks. All qualities I find attractive in a potential POTUS.

Meanwhile, Sen. Kerry whines to the media and unleashes his trial lawyer buddies to threaten lawsuits; definitely NOT attractive qualities in a potential POTUS.

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