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Sunday, August 08, 2004
LGF Watch Watch
I sometimes hate Internet surfing...

I was reading the very fine LGF Watch Watch and decided to pop over to the very foolish LGF Watch to slum around. Of course, this ruined my mood as well as aided me in my dieting. Being a glutton for punishment, I followed some links the the LGF Watch "kids" have on their blogroll. A ran across This piece of moonbattery as my punishment.

I don't intend on this decending into a warblog, but there are some things that really tempt me. Quotes like this push me over the edge:

I might note that this is the most evil administration that I've ever lived under.

Yes, I do believe that Team Chimpy is likely to exploit any possibility of postponing our elections in one way or another.

Right this very minute, it's an uphill fight to make sure the voting machines themselves aren't simply hijacked. And you know perfectly well which side Chimpy is on.

f you truly imagine there's a line they won't cross if they can, you're not paying attention. This is not about democracy for them. It never has been.

Anyone out there taking a quick look at leftist blogs would see the same stuipdity over and over. Does the left have anything else? ... Buler? ... anyone? ... Buler?

Currently, there is a great uproar over a gun t-shirt that Glenn Renyolds is shown wearing that is somehow "racist", the poorly worded statement by Mr. Bush on "harming our country", a story that states John Kerry is somehow better than the "lesser of two evils" and (thanks to Michael Moore), this excuse for reasoned discourse.

The moonbat-left has no argument other than "Bush is stupid/evil/controlled". You never hear anything concrete from the left on any topic. They really seem to have only one issue, that being that they hate Mr. Bush.

I am not a partisan hack (I did not vote for Bush or Gore in 2000), but I am voting BUSH in 2004 based on the WoT, Mr. Bush's performance and my distain for the tatics of the left.

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