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Thursday, August 12, 2004
INDC Journal: Why Blog?
INDC Bill asks Why Blog?

He has some good points, but I thought I would chime in...

I started this blog because I never felt like I was getting the straight story from the news media (or the blogsphere in some cases) about Islam and why there was a clash of American Cluture and Islamic Culture. I was (am) a fan of many blogs and thought that my experiences would be of interest to some in the e-world. That is one of the cool things about blogging, no matter how narrow your topic, there is readship out there. I never even took the time to find any information on Islam or the Qur'an. 9/11 changed everything and this was no exception.

I am one of the overflowing punditry type. My family and friends are sick and tired of hearing about the Qur'an and Islam. They are also sick and tired of hearing about how screwed up BOTH parties are screwed up, especially regarding Islamic Terrorism.

I also blog because I need to vent on political issues. Lately, I have been more about US Politics than the Qur'an, but in my world these topics go hand in hand post 9/11.

I don't expect to make a living at blogging or writing professionally (like THAT could happen). I really don't have the talent and the work is too hard. I sometimes struggle putting the simplest ideas into written form. I am gaining some skills in writing and HTML which cannot help making be more valuable as an employee, but not a professional webmaster or writer.

Bill states:

I'll be honest: some days, that kind of weirds me out. Look around; did you ever imagine that there were this many smart people, with this much talent, that have families and/or work full-time jobs, yet are willing to put on a daily dog and pony show for millions of readers? For free?

Yes, it does weirds me out that so many people have so much talent and display it with such grace and style for free. The blogsphere is a wonderful place and my world is better for it. Because I have such respect and love for the medium, I want to add to it and hopefully enhance its value to others.

That's my answer... I hope to see others out there answer this.

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