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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
I am John Kerry and I approve this message
Ace of Spades HQ asks:

Why do we have to quote these people admitting the obvious? Why don't they just forthrightly admit where there partisan biases lie and then we can all move on?

I have a few simple answers for that...

If the big media admitted the obvious and clearly stated that they will do and say anything to help the Kerry campaign, McCain Fiengold "Campaign Finance Reform" would shut them down and they would all lose their jobs. If they registered as 527's (in order to keep their jobs), then they could not critize the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

How many people in the US would trust "news" from a souces that had John Kerry's signature at the bottom of every story or John Kerry saying "I am John Kerry and I approve this message" after every TV spot?

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