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Monday, July 26, 2004
You know you getting to them when...
One of my favorite, must read multiple times a day, blogs is LGF (not an obsession! really!). It is a place where lots of stories are exposed that I would never have found. The comments section is also a favorite of mine and a quick search will bring up many postings by this author. I even got a hat tip 2 different times (though no link on the main page...).

Anyway, you know that you have something going when your site spawns a "watch" site. You are really cooking when you have multiple "watch" sites.

Just how hot are you when one of your "watch" sites spawns a "watch" site of its own?

Welcome to the blogsphere Leftwatch and Rightwatch! You have a great leg up with an early link on LGF and from what I have seen you have the writing talent to go far! I will put you guys on my blogroll, but I don't get enough traffic to make that matter much.

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