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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
I am a former Presbyterian, I grew up in a Presbyterian home, it broke my Mother's heart when I left the church. If I were still a Presbyterian, I would leave now. Dennis Prager reports on the Presbyterian leadership taking the church down the anti-Israel garden path.

We used to joke that being Presbyterian was the easiest choice in religion because all you needed to know to get into heaven was how to properly rotate your tires. This is only funny because the Presbyterians really don't have any strong beliefs (or backbone for that matter). The terms "Presbyterian rain" and "Baptist Downpour" aptly describe the situation.

While I an suprised that they have come out with a position on something other than the need for regular oil changes, it figures that they would come down on the wrong side of the issue on which they decide to take a stand.

I agree strongly with Mr. Prager here:
"It is now time for good people, Presbyterians specifically, Christians generally, to distance themselves vigorously and publicly from this morally sick church."

and here:

"Many serious Christians ask, 'What Would Jesus Do?' If Jesus were here, he would probably be at Israeli hospitals comforting fellow Jews who were deliberately blinded, paralyzed and brain-damaged by Jew- and Christian-hating Palestinian terrorists. He would surely not be with the Jews' enemies, among whom are now the leaders of the Presbyterian Church, USA."

(Hat tip to Dean's World)

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has a post with a link to a story about the declining membership in protestant churches and an email from a PCUSA church.

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