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Friday, May 14, 2004
Prision Scandal and Nick Berg
Via Instapundit I found This piece by Evan Coyne Maloney.

Mr. Maloney rightly points out that the prison scandal is a problem for the US only because we hold ourselves to a higher morality. I admire his stamina in watching the Nick Berg beheading, I have still not seen it because I still cannot bring myself to look. He points out that the butchers of Nick Berg used the prison scandal as justification for this horrific act, but they certainly don't need "justification" for acts such as these. The litany of pre-911 attacks that were unanswered is well documented in the posted article.

Here is the quote that struck a chord with me:

Put your hand on your neck and imagine a large knife sawing though it. (Stop and think for a can almost feel it, can't you?)

Yes, Evan, I CAN almost feel it and thanks for the reminder... This masterful piece of prose has added at least a week to the time that I will need to even consider watching the video.

I haven't commented on the prison scandal here mostly because it didn't apply to Islam or the Qur'an. I will not go into too much detail, but I think the media is obsessed with the pictures because of their slant toward Mr. Kerry's campaign. We need to address the crimes committed, anyone saying we shouldn't is saying that we should not prosecute jaywalkers because there are murderers out in the world. The beheading of Nick Berg is in a different class than the activities of the prison guards and requires a different response.

Jon Stewart said:
"No matter how hard we try, we just cannot out-pyscopath al-Queda. It just can't be done!"

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