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Saturday, May 22, 2004
LGF also has a story on Nick Berg's father, his incredible comments and apparent love for the terrorists that killed his son.

Here are some of my favorite LGF comments so far:

Frank_Mtl -
Poor Nick. Not only did he die in the most vile and violent way at the hands of bloodthirsty barbarians, but his own father has to shamelessly defile and insult his memory. Sickening.

Jeff S. -
Stupefying as they may appear, no one here should be surprised by Mr. Berg's ravings. He is merely being true to the creed of the L³: Politics Trump All. His statements are not a product of his grief. Michael Berg lost his mind long before he lost his son.

a to the k -
You don't expect Michael Berg to throw away his entire wordview just because some Arabs cut off his son's head, do you?

In his mind, it's always going to be: straight, white, Judaeo-Christian American males are war criminals; everyone else is just reacting to oppression.

We can't let these people determine any part of our future.

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