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Thursday, April 22, 2004
No verse in this post, just some musings (read: non-PC rant) and a link.

I have passed over a number of verses in the past week that did not call out to be posted, but together reinforce my feelings that the Qur'an is the work of a man who is more interested in conquest and control of a population than in the truth of religion. See my April 1st Post

The references to "a Surah being sent against" a certain group screams this to me. The constant drumbeat of "a grievous penalty" is getting a bit tiring.

I was referred to this from a poster on LGF. I have not read the full text, but the premise is very interesting and tells me that I am not alone in my thought that the Qur'an is a tremendous fraud brought about by a man with worldly goals.

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