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Thursday, April 01, 2004
No Verse
There is no verse for you in this post, just some thoughts on what I have been reading the past few days ...

It has been quite a while since I have read something that was specific and post-worthy. Most of the material was threatening and moral injunction on being untrue to the faith. There is interspersed in these threats some mention of how the Jews are unworthy of life and the Christians are somewhat misguided and can be converted. The text does not flow in any reasonable order or keep a thought for more than a verse or two.

WARNING: Inflammatory editorial follows ...

This past few days I have had the feeling that what I was reading was the work of a madman that wanted to desperately be believed and followed. This section is filled with dire warnings about the fate of any who does not believe, very few descriptions of what awaits the faithful and many rants on how and who to fight.

I am trying to maintain my original level of objectivity and openness of mind, but I feel myself sliding into the "religion of pieces" camp.

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