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Saturday, April 24, 2004
CAT Protest
I spent the day yesterday at the StopCAT coalition protest in Peoria, Illinois. Took a bunch of pictures (and some of them even turned out...). Had a great time and I feel like I did some good in the world. Even if it was just to raise the blood pressure of some of the moonbats. I lost count of the number of times I was called a Nazi, a racist, and Zionist pig. (despite reports to the contrary, I can count rather high...)

Here are some observations:

We were in the path of the Corries as they came to the rally point. We were civil (hiding some of our signs) and they were also civil. I was prepared to "give 'em some what-for" about being rotten parents, but then I really felt sorry for them. They have had their memory of their daughter stolen from them by this foolish cause. As a parent, I wept for them... Until I saw the news coverage... The early news was very balanced, but there was a new edit for the 10:00pm news that really went too far in the protester's side. The Corries showed that my first thoughts about them were correct... Too bad for them...

On my way back to the car I happened to be behind an older couple (about 75-80) walking back to their car as well. The woman got tired and set up a camp style stool to sit and rest. As I walked past, se smiled at me and said "Great march riiii", at that point she saw my sign (Pro-democracy in the middle east) and called me (for the 1000th time) a racist Zionist pig and literally spat at me. I said, "and you kiss your grandchildren with those lips" and hurried away. Nice old lady...

LGF has an article on my pics!

UPDATE: Peoria Pundit has also commented on the pictures!

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