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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Primer Arrived
The Primer has arrived and I am starting to read the first chapter. It is not what I expected at all.

It starts out with a somewhat bizarre series of claims that "proves" that the central story of the religion is true and perfect. What is strange is that it claims that some passages in the Qur'an predate and acturately predict some 20th century scienctific discoveries.

One example is the formation of a human embryo. The author claims that the translation of some of the Arabic in the Qur'an describes one stage of an embryo as "chewed matter" (like chewing gum) and them shows a picture of some chewed gum and a diagram of an embryo. Of course, the gum is carefully sculpted to look like the diagram. Of course, I looked up the referenced passage... The passage is from the story of creation (I have not gotten that far yet) and my translation has it different from the author of the primer.

Pressing on...

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